Real-Time Price Feeds Like Never Before

Stork is redefining the standard for data in DeFi, offering a comprehensive suite of real-time, ultra low latency reference prices.

Leading brands run on Stork data

SLA Backed

Price Feeds

You deserve a data partner that you can rely on. Stork is designed to support mission critical features and is the only oracle to guarantee uptime with SLAs.

Leverage the fastest oracle network

Say goodbye to stale data. Access real-time prices for 200+ data feeds with lightning fast  updates. Stork offers unparalleled speed with millisecond latency -- seconds faster than the competition.


Deliver the best user experience with reliable, reference price data

Stork is the only decentralized data catalog to fit all of your unique needs. Offer the best UX with bespoke feeds like Mark Prices and funding fee calculations, or work with us to design your custom calculations.

One oracle.
Same feeds wherever you build.

Stork’s data feeds are with EVM, Move, and STARK-compatible chains, with native support for appchains and subnets. Use the same price feeds even when you’re multi-chain.


Let’s Build the Next Gen of DeFi

Getting started is easy.
Start building with Stork data.

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