The Fastest
Oracle Network

Ultra low-latency, decentralized off and on-chain price feeds designed for EVM and STARK compatible chains.

Built for DeFi.

Near-instantaneous feeds and lower fees, and real, traded prices.

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~50 ms Latency

Stork leverages off-chain integrations to provide frequent price updates for supported chains, while keeping fees low.

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Assets. All of them.

Stork provides fast access to thousands of long-tail assets. Our liquidity score ensures that you only use the assets that fit your risk profile.

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Trusted Data Feeds and Validators

We are partnering with top trusted exchanges and aggregators.

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Real, Traded Prices

Get real, traded prices, and volume information, not midpoints and averages.

EVM, StarkEx and StarkNet

Integrate with Stork on any EVM
or STARK compatible chain - from
Arbitrum to StarkEx.

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Design Doc (Available Soon)

We're collecting community feedback from close partners. If you'd like to get a sneak peek, drop us a line.