Pricing Infrastructure
for DeFi

Comprehensive suite of decentralized low latency reference prices for exchanges on EVM, STARK and Move compatible chains and subnets.

Built for DeFi.

Specialized price updates for valuing collateral, settlement, and liquidations.

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~50 ms Latency

Stork leverages a hybrid chain architecture to provide insanely fast price updates for supported chains.

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Mark Prices for Liquidation

For liquidations and settlements, protect against manipulation by using specifically designed reference prices like our mark price index, or work with us to design a custom calculation.

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Trusted Data Feeds and Validators

Trust the data from top node operators and aggregators, including Kaiko, dxFeed, Infstones, and more.

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Regulatory Air Cover

Reduce regulatory and reputation risk by using a decentralized price provider and manipulation-resistant price feeds.

EVM, Move, StarkEx and StarkNet

Integrate with Stork on any
EVM, Move, or STARK 
compatible chain, including:
StarkNet, StarkEx, Arbitrum,
Avalanche, and more.

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Design Doc (Available Soon)

We're collecting community feedback from close partners. If you'd like to get a sneak peek, drop us a line.