Stork for Perpetual Protocols

Liquidations, P&L, and other calculations made easy with Stork's low-latency, decentralized spot and mark index prices.

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Liquidate at Mark Prices

Stork for Perpetuals provides prices specific to your use case, so you can offer the best margin in the business.

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Cross-Chain Signed Oracles

Stork publisher-signed prices are
compatible with any EVM, STARK, and
Move (coming soon) chain, including
Subnets and L3s.

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Low Latency

Stork offers multiple geo-distributed websocket endpoints, ensuring lower latency and higher uptime.

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Signed Prices

Publisher-signed prices and on-chain verification ensure a fraud-resistant price pipeline.

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Multiple Publishers

Multiple publishers protect against
exchange-specific attacks.

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Distributed Servers

Stork operates data centers in multiple regions, offering redundant fallback options.